How to Nurture Men’s Hair Patches: Best Practices

Hair is one of the most sensitive parts of human beings that defines their strength psychologically. This strength scatters when one faces hair loss at an early age, which may be hereditary or immune diseases like alopecia areata. A study says that 1 out of 4 that has this issue gets depressed in this situation. Losing hair also makes the scalp prone to various skin diseases. Dermatologists suggest three kinds of treatments for people who suffer from hair fall problems. One is through the surgical method, the other through medications and usage of serums, and another through the non-surgical method that uses hair patches (in men) or wigs (in women). But, have ever wondered about the best practices to nurture men’s hair patches? Here is everything to know.

What is a Hair Patch?

A hair patch is an artificial hair called a Toupee that replaces the sensitive bald points of men and helps regain the personality through a better hairstyle with immense hair thickness.

Why should we use it?

As specified earlier, Dermatologists recommend three kinds of treatment for hair fall issues; people opt for using hair patches as they are safe, budget-friendly, and easy to use. By the age of 50, almost 50% of people suffer from hair loss, and preferring hair treatment prefers hair patches as it is safer and has no side effects.

Where are the Hair Patches Available?

Hair patches are available easily in the market and online stores, but it is challenging to pick the right product with accurate knowledge. Knowing quality and price in the market is a skill to deal with these products. At SkyHair, we offer handpicked and the best quality men’s hair patches at a reasonable price that will save you bucks and time simultaneously.

Why Should We Nurture Men’s Hair Patches?

Before thinking of caring about hair patches, there arises a question, “are there any alternate options to wearing hair patches?” If yes, then it is only if undergoing surgical treatment or months of medication by the dermatologists, where the criticality rate is high. But, in the case of hair patches (non-surgical process), it is comfortable for everyone to use when and where required. To get benefits for long-lasting comfortable wear, taking care of a hair patch is necessary.

Most of the good hair patches are made of Remy hair that needs care just like real hair. You need to regularly take care of your Toupee to remove the dust, keep the hair smooth and healthy, and remove old glue from the patch.

Best Practices to Nurture Men’s Hair Patches

Taking care of a hair patch requires a certain etiquette to follow for long-lasting performance. It’s not a day-long or month-long process, but a regular trace of the behavior to follow while using it. The below-listed dos and don’ts will guide you on maintaining the hair patches efficiently.

Dos for a Hair Patch:

Showing a bit of care makes your hair patch retain its longevity and performance and may last for a couple of more months. Making these habits of the below stated instructions will be beneficial in all aspects.

While Wearing Hair Patches

Place the patch gently on the scalp where it needs to be fixed. You should opt for the right size of the hair patch; that gets attached with comfort, making the system a natural look.

While Removing the Hair Patches:

Use glue removers to put off the hair patches and take them out gently and slowly. Using isopropyl alcohol eases glue removal from the scalp and hair patches simultaneously. Removing the patch in a rush may cause hair to fall from the patch, which requires a hair weaving process to cover those patch spaces.

While Washing the Scalp and Hair Patch:

Gently rub the scalp with a smooth scrub and glue remover to clean the glue. A similar approach is to be made to the hair patch also. Wash it by diluting the shampoo and rinsing it properly in a tub. Put the face of the hair patch upside down so that the water will drain out, making the patch dry quickly. Use a towel for a dry wash.

While Using Tape into the Hair Patch:

Put the hair patch on a dummy stand (if available) or on a round shape object, as applying glue tape while placing it on a dummy is convenient. It’s better to use V-shaped glue tapes to get better access to the hair patch in the head. Misplacing glue tapes may cause the wrong placement of the patch.

While Combing or Hair Drying:

Don’t comb harshly. Do it as smoothly as possible. Forming knots within the hair patch during wash is a common issue. Comb gently to remove those knots or keep the hair patch dry for some time and then comb the hair slowly. Hair patches will remain knotless if conditioned and shampooed once or twice a week.

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Say No to these While Using a Men’s Hair Patch:

  1. Never use spray or perfume to add aroma to your hair. Keep it as natural as possible. Adding spray or perfume may harm the hair quality.
  2. Try to use the hair patches only while outing or in necessary cases. Exposing it more to the environment may need a frequent wash to the patches.
  3. Never comb the hair harshly as there is a chance of hair falling from the patch.
  4. Avoid using hair dryers frequently. It may make the hair dry and tangled.
  5. Have a trace on your hair system with proper precautions while bathing, gym, and other regular activities, even though hair patches are easy to use while engaging in various activities.
  6. Never dye hair patches as they may lead to the weakening of the hair.
  7. Never store the hair patches unsystematically. Try using cardboard boxes or dummy stands (if available) to keep the hair patches when not in use.

The Bottom Line:

Hair Patches have been a better alternative to almost everyone facing hair fall problems and give the best outlook when worn gently and accurately. Taking care of these hair patches in the correct manner makes them usable longer than their lifespan.

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