Lace Base Topper


Lace Base: For Undetectable and Natural Looking Scalp
100% Remy Human Hair
Easy to Install Clips
No Salon Visitation Required
No Sweating, breathable base
Comfortable, can be worn whole day.
Treat them like your own human hair
Can be cut, colored or ironed as per need.
Add Ons can be used.



Introducing our stunning Human Hair Lace Topper for Women, a must-have accessory for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty. This versatile lace topper is meticulously designed to provide volume, cover hair thinning, and instantly transform your look. Crafted with precision, this lace topper is made from 100% remy human hair, ensuring a seamless and natural blend with your own locks. The soft, lustrous strands are expertly selected to match various hair textures and colors, allowing for a flawless integration. Designed with a breathable and comfortable lace base, this topper offers a realistic appearance by mimicking the natural hairline. The delicate lace material is virtually undetectable against the scalp, giving you the freedom to part and style your hair as desired. Say goodbye to hair thinning woes! Our lace topper instantly adds volume and coverage, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Whether you’re experiencing partial hair loss or simply desire extra volume, this topper provides the perfect solution. Installation and maintenance are a breeze. The topper comes with discreet clips that securely attach it to your existing hair, ensuring a snug fit throughout the day. It can also be easily washed, styled, and heat-treated, offering endless possibilities for customization. Perfect for various occasions, our Human Hair Lace Topper for Women allows you to effortlessly achieve a glamorous look. From special events to everyday wear, this topper will boost your confidence and leave you feeling stunning. Experience the freedom to express yourself and enjoy the versatility of this exceptional lace topper. Elevate your hairstyle, solve hair thinning concerns, and embrace a renewed sense of confidence with our Human Hair Lace Topper for Women.

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18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches


Natural Black, Natural Brown


4.5×4, 4.5×4.5, 4.5×5, 4×4, 5×4, 5×4.5


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