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  1. Super

  2. Nice patches and reasonable price and human hair guarantee. I likes this patches and service s

  3. Skyhair is a god saver for me , Fortunately i found this online and was bit skeptical about buying a patch through online, How ever initially i purchased a patch couple of months back and it was fantastic and worth for every penny you spent. Again i ordered another patch through online and extremely happy with skyhari.

  4. Great product and long lasting tapes

  5. Amazing experience with this company!🥰
    I was in doubt first but their customer service people were amazing and helped me a lot. And the product is just wow in this price range….totally worth it. Highly recommended!!

    Image #1 from Anjali Mehta
    Image #2 from Anjali Mehta
    Image #3 from Anjali Mehta
  6. Pretty Amazing and Voluminous I must say. I already had highlights on my hair and these extensions blended perfectly 💞

    Image #1 from Aparna
  7. So easy to use, blend right into natural hair. These extensions were my first attempt at clip in extensions. I wanted to use these for longer, more voluminous hair for my brother’s wedding. I already have medium/long hair and these blended right in with my natural hair. I have yet to wash them, but I’ve worn them for a few “trial” times prior to the wedding. I’ve worn them for long nights out with dancing and everything has stayed put and looked natural. I love these and recommend them to any friend looking for a good set of clip in extensions.

    Image #1 from Payal
    Image #2 from Payal
  8. Good to buy…

  9. Full Satisfied…Premium Hair Patch…Go for it..

  10. Just Beautiful!

    Image #1 from Anita Thakur
    Image #2 from Anita Thakur
    Image #3 from Anita Thakur
  11. Hair quality is really good…
    Completely satisfied with the product…👍

  12. Just awesome. Bought for my sister for her roka. She absolutely loved it 🫶🏻

  13. Amazing product at reasonable price. Very good hold 👍

  14. Hair is very sorf and shine
    The product was amazing
    Hairs are original like a human

  15. First impression of patch quality is really great. Much better than what we get at stores. Only suggestion that I have is to link with some hair saloon which can cut the hair as well first time

  16. I found heavy density hair but material is so good

  17. It’s look really **good**.

  18. Amaze dummy and its practicing applications feels so real, helping me refine techniques. A valuable addition for makeup artists aiming for precision and flawless results.Love it…

  19. Honestly, the black silky hair dummy exceeded expectations. Realistic texture greatly enhances styling practice. A must-have for aspiring hairstylists, offering diverse training opportunities and creative experimentation.

  20. OSM, versatile, lifelike tool for various hairstyling..

  21. Essential tool for diverse hairstyling practice.Like it💕

  22. Authentic shoulder-length beauty. True human hair feel for effective hairstyling

  23. Sleek, versatile black dummy. Silky texture, perfect for diverse hairstyling practice.

  24. Adore the multipurpose silky soft hair dummy in light brown. Versatile and lifelike, ideal for various styles. A valuable training aid.

  25. Silicone-based makeup dummy is incredible. Realistic texture for flawless application practice. A game-changer for makeup artists aiming for perfection.

  26. Brilliant 2-in-1 Original Human Hair Dummy. Versatile and authentic, perfect for honing styling skills. A valuable tool for hairstylists

  27. Impeccable Dummy and Shoulder-length charm meets authentic texture, aiding seamless styling. A prized asset for all hairstylists. A definite recommendation.

  28. These extension is my absolute favourite. The matte finish and front fringe offer sophistication and charm. Stunning design and craftsmanship…

  29. These extension seamlessly increased length and volume. It’s simple to style, and the quality is excellent. Strongly advised..

  30. These 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions are wonderful. 13-clip, 6-piece kit is amazing. My hair is quickly enhanced by the natural mix and simple clips.

  31. I like matte black shade is stunning and the curls/waves add amazing volume. Clips securely and transforms my look with sheer elegance.

  32. Loving these extensions… The matte brown shade perfectly matches my hair. Clips stay put, making me feel fabulous instantly.

  33. Matte black shade is effortlessly stylish. Easy clips and seamless blending give my hair a stunning upgrade.

  34. Completely enchanted by these straight extensions. The matte dark brown shade is effortlessly chic. Clips in seamlessly, instantly elevating my hairstyle. A delightful transformation..

  35. Matte brown shade is elegant. Easy clips, stylish look. Transformed my hair beautifully.

  36. Mesmerizing curly/wavy extensions are a dream come true. The matte finish is elegantly sweet, making my hair shine with style and grace.

  37. Lovely these straight extensions. Matte finish gives a sleek touch. Enhances my hair effortlessly….

  38. These straight extensions are fantastic and very beautiful. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication. Easily enhances my hairstyle….lovely product.

  39. Absolutely loving the curly/wavy extensions. Stunning matte finish adds an elegant touch. These extensions seamlessly enhance my hairstyle with a natural look…

  40. Osm Extension. Blends seamlessly, giving my hair depth. The matte finish exudes sophistication. A fabulous addition to my hairstyle…lovely product

  41. Absolutely love these extensions.. The 2-tone ombre (4T27) is striking. Blends seamlessly, giving my hair depth. The matte finish exudes sophistication. A fabulous addition to my hairstyle..

  42. Adoring…. Clips securely, adds volume. Effortlessly transformed my hair into stunning curls.

  43. These extension is fantastic. Easy to clip, blend seamlessly. Boosted my hair volume and style.

  44. Wispy Clip In Human Hair Bangs are a game-changer. Easy to attach, natural blend. They frame the face beautifully. Instantly refreshed my look with minimal effort…

  45. Realistic texture, front bangs add charm. Comfortable wear. A bit of tangling, but the style and quality shine. Full Head Synthetic Wig in Matte Brown 4 Number is a winner. I love this ….

  46. The Full Head Synthetic Short Wig in Brown 4 Number is fantastic. Realistic texture, front bangs frame the face beautifully. Minor tangling, but the overall look is impressive and stylish.

  47. The Full Head Synthetic Wig in Brown with Golden Highlights is stunning. Natural feel, comfortable fit. Front bangs are a chic touch. A bit of tangling, but the style shines through.

  48. Loving the Full Head Synthetic Wig in ‘Brown with Maroon Highlights. Realistic, comfortable fit. Front bangs add charm. A touch of tangling but impressed by the overall quality and style.

  49. Thrilled with the Synthetic Bob Cut Wig in Matte Brown. Realistic texture, stylish cut with bangs. Easy to wear, versatile for various occasions. A minor issue with tangling. Impressive overall…

  50. Matte Black wig with front bangs is a game-changer. Feels real, easy to wear. Instant style upgrade. Loving it..

  51. Life-changing hair topper… Adds volume, conceals scalp. Feels natural and secure. Confidence restored. An absolute must-have for women. ..

  52. These I Tip Human Hair Extensions are phenomenal! Seamless blend, silky texture. They’ve revolutionized my hair. Obsessed…

  53. These 5 clips Remy human hair extensions are truly remarkable. The quality is outstanding – feels just like my own hair. Clips in securely, blends seamlessly, and adds gorgeous length and volume. A must-have for a quick and stunning hair transformation. I’m beyond thrilled with these extensions😘

  54. Wow, these extensions are like dream true. The 6 pieces with 13 clips are a blessing. Feel like my own hair, clips securely. Instant glamour and confidence boost. In love..

  55. Absolutely loving.The matte black curly/wavy style is stunning. Clips in securely, feels like real hair. Adds volume and flair. My go-to for an instant transformation…

  56. I’m pleasantly surprised. The matte brown extensions are fantastic. The straight style is versatile and clips securely. Adds subtle volume and length. My hair has never looked better…

  57. I’m impressed. These matte black extensions are a game-changer. The straight style is sleek and chic. Clips in effortlessly, adds volume. Instantly elevated my look. Highly recommended….

  58. The straight style in matte dark brown is so chic. Clips securely, blends naturally. Instant volume and length. A must-have for a new look…..

  59. These matte brown shade is rich and beautiful. Clips in seamlessly, feels natural. Transforms my look effortlessly. Love it….

  60. Absolutely thrilled these extensions! The curly/wavy texture is gorgeous, and the ombre effect is stunning. Matte finish adds authenticity. Clips securely, elevates my style. Impressed and satisfied…

  61. I’m loving the extensions. The straight style and brown with maroon highlights are a unique combo. Matte finish feels great. Clips in smoothly, transforms my look flawlessly. Impressed