2 Layer Silk Top Natural Frontline Lace Hair Patch (Skin Friendly Base Series)

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Base Type: 2 Layers Front Lace Hair Patch (Skin Friendly, Not Skin Base)
Features: Monofilament base is made of a strong, breathable material that is durable in nature. It consists of a single layer of thick net with individual hairs hand-tied into it. Monofilament bases offer a longer product life and allow for natural hair movement. They are often used as economical option of hair system.
Hair Material: 100% Remy Human Hair
Toupee Material: Premium Mono Net
Hair Color: Black and Dark Brown
Hair length: Approx. 6 inches
Attachment Type: Can be fixed with Clips, Hair Patch Glue or Tape



Introducing the 2 Layer Silk Top Natural Frontline Lace Hair Patch, an innovative hybrid hair restoration system that seamlessly marries style, comfort, and longevity. This exceptional solution combines a front lace for an undetectable hairline with a robust premium skin-friendly double-layer monofilament base at the bottom.

The 2 Layer Silk Top Natural Frontline Lace Hair Patch is meticulously crafted to deliver a front lace that creates a flawlessly natural transition between the hair patch and your own hairline. Bid farewell to worries about an artificial appearance and embrace newfound confidence in this discreet and lifelike solution.

Beneath the surface, this hair patch boasts a strong premium skin-friendly double-layer monofilament foundation. This feature not only extends the patch’s lifespan but also ensures your comfort with an irritation-free experience. Whether it’s all-day wear or engaging in physical activities, you can rely on the durability and comfort of this pioneering hybrid design.

Enjoy the flexibility to style your hair as you desire, knowing that the 2 Layer Silk Top Natural Frontline Lace Hair Patch offers both security and breathability. It’s a versatile solution that empowers you to confidently navigate daily life, special occasions, and more.

Say goodbye to hair loss concerns and embrace the style, comfort, and reliability of the 2 Layer Silk Top Natural Frontline Lace Hair Patch. Achieve an undetectable hairline and savor the skin-friendly double-layer monofilament base that prioritizes your comfort. Choose this exceptional hair patch and elevate your self-assurance with a hair restoration solution that seamlessly blends the best of all worlds.

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