No shine Tape for Lace Units (36 pieces)

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Application: Specially for Lace Units, Suitable for all types of Hair Patches
Quantity: 36 Pieces
Color: Transparent and Dull Finish, Undetectable
Container: Pieces, Remove and Apply
Hold: Upto 2-4 Weeks, may vary due to climatic conditions



Introducing our No Shine Tape for Lace Units, a game-changing solution designed to enhance the comfort and security of your lace hair system. This specialized tape offers a seamless and discreet bonding experience, ensuring that your hairpiece stays firmly in place without any unwanted shine.

Our No Shine Tape is meticulously crafted to provide a strong and reliable hold without reflecting light, making it ideal for lace units. Whether you’re wearing a wig, hairpiece, or lace front unit, this tape delivers a natural look by eliminating the telltale shine that can sometimes accompany adhesive products.

Experience the freedom to confidently wear your lace unit in any situation, whether it’s a social gathering, a workout, or simply going about your daily routine. Our No Shine Tape offers a secure hold that keeps your hairpiece firmly attached without drawing attention to itself.

Say goodbye to adhesive-related worries and embrace the seamless, discreet bond provided by our No Shine Tape for Lace Units. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and natural-looking solution for their hairpiece attachment needs. Choose this specialized tape and enjoy a newfound level of comfort and confidence with your lace unit.

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